Need a penguin insulated? No problem, we do that too.

We often tell our clients that because spray foam insulation is spray applied, it is the best choice for sealing irregular areas. Unlike conventional fiberglass batt and poly, spray foam can be installed on an almost endless amount of surfaces and shapes, and provide a perfect seal. Because it is spray applied, it doesn't require any framing to hold it in place, and it expands to fill every nook and cranny.

Now, most people aren't in the market for a contractor to help them create a replica of the largest penguin in North America, but every once in a while, it happens. In 2013, we were approached by a production company that was working on a Hollywood film, being filmed north of Edmonton, in Innisfree, AB. Turned out that this wasn't our big break, but that they needed a replica of a 27 foot tall penguin that is the pride of Cut Bank, Montana. Not quite the Hollywood role we'd imagined, but it's something!

The original Cut Bank Mt. penguin, in all its glory.

Details Insulation consulted with the production company on how to accomplish this task. They created a wooden frame to accomplish the overall shape, and then installed a fine mesh over the structure, which created a surface for us to apply the spray foam insulation to.

Penguin in progress... Spray foam insulation installed, and ready to be painted by the production company.

After we finished with the spray foam, the penguin was painted and moved to its forever home in Innisfree, AB.

Lead Sprayer Juan and his family took a trip out to Innisfree to see the penguin in its new home

While this is one of our more "unique" installations over the years, it goes to show that there really is no limitation to what spray foam insulation can be applied to. Spray foam is very useful for sealing complex or unusual areas in residential new construction or renovations. In industrial and commercial construction, it is often used on large curved areas like oil tanks and roofs. In 2013, Details Insulation used Polarfoam PF7300-0-Soya to insulate the curved roof structures of Edmonton's new LRT stations, one of which is pictured below, but that's a story for another day.